How do people get nominated for church office?

How do people get nominated for church office?

1. Q: How do people get nominated?
A: Well, you nominate them.

2. Q: Who can be nominated?
A: Anyone’s name can be submitted for nomination but most committee positions require that they be filled by a member.

3. Q: How do I know what positions are open for nomination?
A: Glad you asked. Click here to read about nominations for church offices.

4. Q: What happens to the submitted names?
A: Names are aggregated by the Nominating Committee. The committee ascertains the willingness of the nominees to serve and develops a slate of candidates. Candidates for Council and Trustee are presented for election at the September Annual Meeting. The Council appoints the members of other committees.

5. Q: Can I nominate myself?
A: Yes, absolutely.

6. Q: Should I tell someone I am submitting their name?
A: It would certainly make the nominating committee’s job easier if you would determine if they would even consider serving.

7. Q: How do I submit a nomination?
A: Well, you could drop a note in the offering plate or send an email to