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Hey Effort Family,

My week was going great until we lost power yesterday afternoon. It was out all night. It was a difficult night of sleep (or should I say lack of sleep) because of the heat. Luckily it just came back on. But I was left realizing how important power is. Without power, I was inhibited from doing just about everything in my regular routine.

A pastor’s brain is always connecting the dots between mundane happenings in life to aspects of our faith. The power outage incident is no exception.

The power of God is readily available to us, yet we often fall in the trap of not plugging into it. It’s not uncommon to settle into a routine of just coming to church on Sundays and turning our faith on and off when it suits us. But there’s so much more faith growth to be had during the week. Without a regular charge of God’s power and presence, we’re inhibited from living into the lives God wants for us and always intended for us to have.

Here are a few excellent upcoming opportunities to experience God’s power at Effort Church:

1) Summer Worship Nights | Next 4 Fridays starting tonight @ 7:30p | FLC Lobby

2) Men’s Community Breakfast | tomorrow (Saturday July 13th) @ 8:00a | FLC

3) Women’s Breathe events:
* C3 (Christ Centered Conversation) | Sunday July 21st from 4:30p – 6:00p | Sanctuary Fellowship Rm.
* L.I.F.E. (Living Intentionally, Focusing Eternally) Enneagram Coaching with Amy Wicks | Saturday August 17th from 8:00a – 11:30a | Sanctuary Bldg.

Matt O’Rear
Worship Pastor

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