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Good afternoon, EBC. There is an exciting ministry opportunity for the ladies of Effort this weekend. Check out the following from Rosemary Jones:

L.I.F.E. Series – Live Intentionally, Focus Eternally
Do you ever feel like your life is on a treadmill and you’re just trying not to fall off? Or that your circumstances are overwhelming and it’s hard to see the light in the fog? Or maybe all is butterflies and roses, but you’re trying to balance life by your own strength? Regardless of where you find yourself, you are not alone! This year the women of Breathe are going to be discussing topics through a lense of abundant L.I.F.E. We will be sharing tools, tips, and real life stories to encourage us to be intentional with our God-given roles, time, relationships, and choices, so that we can keep an eternal perspective and see our lives through God’s eyes not earthly ones.

Our conversations will include, but not be limited to, personality differences, marriage, children, loss, and community. We were created to glorify God through our lives, and He is weaving a story in each of us that is worth sharing!

Our first event will be our L.I.F.E. with Personality Workshop with Amy Wicks on Saturday, August 17 from 8-11:30am in the Sanctuary Bldg.

L.I.F.E. with Personality Workshop
Have you heard of the new buzzword or personality analysis that everyone’s talking about… the Enneagram? If you’re like me, you may be thinking… “the ennea… what?” But the more I find out about it, the more I am intrigued by how this tool can be used to help us love ourselves and others the way Christ designed. When we see ourselves the way God does, we are better equipped to do His Kingdom work here on earth!

Saturday, August 17, 2019 we will host Amy Wicks from Simply Wholehearted for our L.I.F.E. with Personality Workshop. We will use the Enneagram tool to discover how we’re each created with a unique longing that our heart wants to hear. Once we identify our heart’s longing, we can learn how Christ can fulfill and affirm our greatest heart’s desire.

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