Sunday’s Powerful Testimonial Videos

Sunday’s Powerful Testimonial Videos

Watch them here…


Effort Church
October 2, 2019

Happy Wednesday Effort Family!

We saw some powerful testimonial videos on Annual Meeting Sunday detailing how God has worked in some amazing ways in the lives of our congregants. We wanted to make sure you saw them (or had the chance to rewatch them) because they accurately capture a picture of how we aim to do three things well:
1. Focus UP to God through faith building and discipleship
2. Focus IN towards our church family through doing life together
3. Focus OUT towards the world by reaching those who are far from Christ

Watch the videos here:

Video 1 – Up To God – Justin & Nicole (
Video 2 – In Towards Others – Jen (
Video 3 – Out To The World – Tap (

Do you have a God Story/God Moment you’d like to share? Just reply to this email!

Have a great week, and we’ll see you soon!

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