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Effort Church
March 19, 2020

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Effort Family:

Your kids are going to remember this time for the rest of their lives. What will they remember? “My parents fought a lot.” or “It was crazy times at home.” Parents, we have an opportunity to make this time together with a positive memory. This can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen your family, beginning with family devotion time. No, you don’t have to come up with a sermon, but you do need to schedule time as a family with God. It can begin with just 10-minutes (especially if you have small children).

Join my family, beginning tomorrow (Friday), starting Dinnertime Devotions, (

For parents of preschoolers and grade-schoolers, here is a great resource that comes with a parent guide, coloring sheet, and interactive Bible stories – for free! (

Do you have teenagers who binge Netflix? Here is an excellent family-time series called The Chosen. You can stream for free at ( until 03.31.2020.

Here’s the thing, we are going to get through this. The question is, what condition will we be in when we get through this? Think of this, in 30 years, your kids will tell a story that starts with; “Once in 2020, the world shut down, and….”
What will come after their “and”? What story will you write for the next 30 days? Will their story have a monster of fear? Or will they say something like this? “And one day we woke up to find a laser beam obstacle course made of string that we had to crawl thru to get to breakfast! It was one of the darkest moments in our world, but one of the brightest moments in our family.” Mission Possible (Matthew 19:26).

Please contact me with any topics, prayer requests, or areas I can help. I look forward to hearing from you!

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