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Due to the inspiration of Karen Downs, Effort has been blessed with three Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), useful in the event of sudden heart attack. The AEDs are located in the Sanctuary, FLC, and Office buildings. Diagrams and pictures below show the locations. Each is in a box which has an alarm when the box […]


Beginning the first Saturday in April, Effort is fielding a team in the Church Softball League. All Games are Double Headers and will be played at 5:00pm on Saturdays. Co-Rec and ages 15 and up… For more information contact Chris Fairchild at

Council Chat-Chapter 2

Would it surprise you to learn that every devoted follower of Christ does not agree on every issue? Would it surprise you to learn that not even every person that attends Effort agrees on everything? I know, right? And yet, God has put us together to advance His kingdom. Wouldn’t it be great to know we were […]

Council Chat-Chapter 1

So you want to be engaged and well informed about your church, but perhaps you find the idea of attending regular monthly Church Council meetings about as much fun as watching paint dry? Sure, you can read the minutes, but meeting minutes are primarily a record of action taken. They don’t really give you a […]