The Pulse! – 5/18/2018

The Pulse! – 5/18/2018

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Good afternoon EBC family. This coming Sunday, Christians around the world will celebrate Pentecost. We commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus. Take a minute are read about it in Acts 2.

We read in the New Testament about the amazing things followers of Jesus do when they are empowered by the Holy Spirit. One of the greatest gifts that our God gives us is His presence. Yet, it is very easy to lose sight of God’s work without some intentionality on our part. Here are two spiritual practices that can make us more aware of the work of God in our lives. I challenge you to try them this week:

Win the first battle of the day. When you wake up, I want you to do three things:

– Ask God to teach you who He is.

– Ask God to remind you who you are.

– Ask God what He wants you to do today.I also challenge you to take 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what God has done. Take some time to think about the following:

– Think about the joys and highlights of your day. Spend a few minutes thanking God for these gifts.

– What happened during the day that stirred up a strong emotional response? Are you confused, angry, anxious, nervous, joyful? Ask God to reveal to you what He was up to in these moments and what that can teach you about yourself and God’s work.

– Ask God to give you insight for tomorrow’s challenges. Seek God’s guidance. Ask Him for help and understanding. Pray for hope.

I think you’ll be encouraged as you realize more and more how much God is at work in your life every day. I’d love to hear your stories as you try these practices in the coming week.

Grace & Peace,


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