About Us:

Located only 15 minutes South of Charlottesville, Effort Church is located on the corner of Thomas Jefferson Parkway (Route 53) and Lake Monticello Rd.

The heart of Effort Church is to introduce and connect people with the living God, as well as to a community of people with a desire to see our world changed. We are a community of everyday people, seeking to share the love, hope, and goodness of a compassionate and faithful God. We welcome you and trust that you will be blessed, encouraged and inspired.

Our Mission:

The Mission of Effort Church is to Love God and Love people. It is a two-way relationship with God — Vertical and Horizontal. We have our relationship with God, and we have relationships with others, sharing the love of God with everyone in our circles of influence. Effort is a place for everyone to come and feel accepted, and to experience a love that is like no other — the love of God.